Chikyu Boeigun

Let me show you my plan.
When will this be ready?
We need 500 of your Earth's hours.
500 hours ?
When the subterranean complex is
finished, the shore will be ours.

In Arizona, the USA have launched
a satellite to spy on the Mysterians.

We hope to gather important informations.
Do you know Ryoichi Shiraishi?
Yes, I have met him in Geneva.
At the International Space
Conference, right?

Yes, that's right.
Would you like to talk to him?
Can we do that?
- Yes.

Lots of things can come out of
my hat, like...

Oh! It's you !
You must be fearing for you life.
I'm a scientist. The Mysterians want to
prevent the destruction of Earth.

What do you mean by that ?
That the human race will blow itself
up in 20 years from now.

in 20 years ?
20 years! It's the time it took
on Mysteroido.