Chikyu Boeigun

We hope to gather important informations.
Do you know Ryoichi Shiraishi?
Yes, I have met him in Geneva.
At the International Space
Conference, right?

Yes, that's right.
Would you like to talk to him?
Can we do that?
- Yes.

Lots of things can come out of
my hat, like...

Oh! It's you !
You must be fearing for you life.
I'm a scientist. The Mysterians want to
prevent the destruction of Earth.

What do you mean by that ?
That the human race will blow itself
up in 20 years from now.

in 20 years ?
20 years! It's the time it took
on Mysteroido.

The Earth cannot stay under the
control of the humans.

Control the world? It's what
humans do with animals

Our space station is 42,000 km
above our heads.

The flying saucers can reach New York
London, Moscow, Tokyo in one instant.

The Mysterians have complete control
over Earth's skies.

Who is controlling Earth now?
You or the Mysterians?

No, it's Science that rules now.