Doctor at Large

(Horn honks)
Get your wretched garbage van
out of the way, man!

Hey! You there!
You can't park that thing here.

- Why not? Says "car park".
- This place is reserved for me.

- Has been for 20 years.
- There's room beside it.

I don't want garbage on my coachwork.
Yes, you've got a point there.
0K, you can move it.
Where shall I go, Lancelot?
0ver there, Charles.
I'll be with you soon to fix you up.

Thank you.
That fractured radius
needs re-plastering tomorrow.

0h, I shan't be here, Doctor.
I'm on night duty in the wards.

0h, that is a pity.
- That's you done.
- Thank you, Doctor.

Now, you know what to do next time
you lean out of the window?

- What's that, Doc?
- 0pen it first. 0ff you go.

- What ward have they moved you to?
- Charity.

Visitors welcome at supper time?
- A doctor's got to do his rounds.
- He certainly has.

Next, please.
Good afternoon.
What's wrong with you?

0ne of your blokes nabbed me
in the street. Told me to come.

Really? Yeah, looks like a cyst.
Whatever it is,
it's been there a long time.

Has it? Yes, they can be nasty.
We'd better cut it out, I think.

Here. Sit down.
Sebaceous cyst removal, Nurse.

- I say, Sparrow. That's my cyst.
- 0h, is it?

I've been looking forward to that.
Never mind. There are plenty more.
That's not the point.
This is my patient.