Doctor at Large

Cheer up, Mr Benskin.
This one's on the house.

Ah, Padre, that's jolly nice of you.
- You've failed examinations before.
- This one's different.

The old man has let me know that
he's not going to go on staking me.

I've got to get a job. So, tomorrow,
I set out for whatnots new,

via the labour exchange.
- Do you still want to be a doctor?
- 0f course.

Er, a friend of mine
told me that you...

- grant medical degrees here.
- (lrish accent) 0h, we do.

To your duties, 0ona.
- Could you grant me one?
- Certainly. Delighted.

- Come back after the weekend.
- I'm from England, you see.

0h, well, that's different.
Now, let me see.

- The examination's only viva voce.
- Eh?

0ral, d'you know?
- Ah, oui. 0ui, oui.
- Maybe we could do it in the taxi.

Come on with me now. Taxi!
Will you take my clubs?
Up you get.
To the golf course, Seamus.

Now, then. Have you had any
breakfast, Mr, er...?

Benskin. No.
Well, take a sup of this.
It's nourishing.

Now, then. The examination.
Let me think.

Er, what do you know about urea?
The chemical substance or my lughole?
Well, urea is a soluble crystalline
compound found in the human body.

- Really?
- Well, I think so.

- Good stuff, this.
- 0h, it's the best.

Now, next question.
What do you know of fibrillation?

- Fibrillation?
- Fibrillation.

- It's a pretty word, isn't it?
- Ah, it is that.

- It's a bit of a nerve.
- That's what we've all got!

- 0h! 0h, very good.
- I think I'll have some of that.