Island in the Sun

Yes, I do. You're an idiot to be afraid
of those people up there.

- What for?
- [Horn Honking]

Do you mind
getting out of the driveway?

We're going in.
All right.
But I warn you, you may regret it.

What do representative girls
in their early 20s...

drink at the beach
in Santa Marta, Colonel?

- Rum swizzles, I believe.
- Rum swizzles?

Tomorrow afternoon then?
With a thermos full of rum swizzles.

Excuse me.
There's my father.

Ah, there you are.
I was beginning to think
my secretary had forgotten to invite you.

- Your Excellency, Miss Margot Seaton.
- How do you do?

Will you excuse me?
There's an American journalist
here I'd like you to meet.

I'm sure you've explained
how dangerous I am.

Of course.
Our homegrown revolutionary.

The press is a nuisance,
but it exists.

And I believe in cooperating
with what exists.

I'm Denis Archer,
the governor's aide.

How is it I haven't
seen you before?

Maybe it's because you buy
your toothpaste at the wrong drugstore.

What should I take that to mean?
- I work at the Bon Marche drugstore.
- Oh.

In that case,
I shall change my patronage.

You're wondering
what I'm doing here, aren't you?

- Well, uh-
- Well, I wasn't invited.

Uh, David Boyeur
dared me to come.

I don't like being dared.
I see.
- Next time I shall see that you're properly invited.
- [Chuckles]

- The colonel's been
telling me about David Boyeur.
- Oh, has he?

Yes. There's a man with real power.
Notice the very special
treatment His Excellency's giving him.

Strange. In all the years
I've lived on this island, I've never met him.