Island in the Sun

Of course.
Our homegrown revolutionary.

The press is a nuisance,
but it exists.

And I believe in cooperating
with what exists.

I'm Denis Archer,
the governor's aide.

How is it I haven't
seen you before?

Maybe it's because you buy
your toothpaste at the wrong drugstore.

What should I take that to mean?
- I work at the Bon Marche drugstore.
- Oh.

In that case,
I shall change my patronage.

You're wondering
what I'm doing here, aren't you?

- Well, uh-
- Well, I wasn't invited.

Uh, David Boyeur
dared me to come.

I don't like being dared.
I see.
- Next time I shall see that you're properly invited.
- [Chuckles]

- The colonel's been
telling me about David Boyeur.
- Oh, has he?

Yes. There's a man with real power.
Notice the very special
treatment His Excellency's giving him.

Strange. In all the years
I've lived on this island, I've never met him.

Oh, I have.
He used to work in the kitchens...

at the St. James Hotel
when we used to live there.

And I was very,
very young.

- He's gone far since then.
- Too far.

- Why don't you take up Boyeur's challenge?
- What do you mean?

With this new constitution,
Boyeur's going to try and capture...

the legislature
at the next general election.

Seems to me some of you planters
should go in for politics, and rather quickly.

Fight him at the polls.
Stand for election.

- Me?
- Yes. Why not you?

The Fleury name means
a great deal on the island.

Everyone respects your father,
even the West-

You'd stand an excellent chance of winning.
Do you often smoke these?
Only on special occasions.
They're Egyptian, aren't they?
Yes, I had them made for me in Cairo.
They're very difficult to get here.

My childhood wasn't
very much different...

from any of the other children
who I grew up with.

It was always the same story.
Rum and ginger, please.
No opportunity for anything.
No one to tell, pay any attention.