Island in the Sun

Why don't we toss a coin?
Heads it is.
The one on the right.
I've never slept in it, and I've always
wanted to ever since I was a child.

It has a lovely view.
There's a clock on the mantelpiece
and a picture between the bookshelves.

And I promised myself I'd sleep in it
on my 17th birthday...

but I never have, not once.
Wasn't it lucky I won the toss?
[Mrs. Fleury] Well, I suppose
there's bound to be some sort of gossip.

- Why?
- Oh, my dear...

you can hardly expect them not to
with such a wonderful opportunity.

- Euan slept in the-
- I'm quite sure that Euan was a gentleman.

[Mrs. Fleury]
I was simply concerned with the thought...

that Lord Templeton might
find himself involved in unpleasantness.

- Mrs. Fleury?
- Mmm?

I wonder if you'd be kind enough
to give me an opinion.

Do you think it would be a good idea for someone
like myself to be married here, or in England?

Why, I don't quite know.
I think England might be quite nice,
but it might be more fun here.

You know, it'd be a sort of holiday,
another carnival, sort of.

Euan, you know
you don't have to.

This isn't England,
and Mother isn't Queen Victoria.

Well, what am I supposed
to tell my father?

- Your father?
- Yes.