Island in the Sun

[Mrs. Fleury] Well, I suppose
there's bound to be some sort of gossip.

- Why?
- Oh, my dear...

you can hardly expect them not to
with such a wonderful opportunity.

- Euan slept in the-
- I'm quite sure that Euan was a gentleman.

[Mrs. Fleury]
I was simply concerned with the thought...

that Lord Templeton might
find himself involved in unpleasantness.

- Mrs. Fleury?
- Mmm?

I wonder if you'd be kind enough
to give me an opinion.

Do you think it would be a good idea for someone
like myself to be married here, or in England?

Why, I don't quite know.
I think England might be quite nice,
but it might be more fun here.

You know, it'd be a sort of holiday,
another carnival, sort of.

Euan, you know
you don't have to.

This isn't England,
and Mother isn't Queen Victoria.

Well, what am I supposed
to tell my father?

- Your father?
- Yes.

I spoke to him
on the phone, and I said-

You are, aren't you?
I am what?
In love with me?
Because that's what
I told my father on the-

I mean, l- I said I was in love with you,
and l- I assumed you were with me.

What did he say?

Couldn't wish me a happier fate.
- You know, it's not 24 hours
since we drove to Belfontaine.
- [Euan] I know.

You were going to Oxford.
This was just a short vacation.

Marriage isn't
what you want, Euan.

Well, it's true that when
I first came here...

I wasn't sort of looking
for anything that went deep.

No, a good time,
that was all I wanted.

But this morning,
when we drove back into town I thought-

If I lost you now,
I'd be a large fool.

As a matter of fact, I have an odd feeling,
you know, that my life wouldn't be-

Well, it'd be sort of empty if I went back
to England and you weren't there to go with me.