Island in the Sun

[Tires Screech]
- [Typing]
- I suppose there's no doubt
about it being murder?

No, not the slightest.
- Anyone in England to whom we can send a cable?
- Not that I know of, sir.

Uh, we could, of course,
put a notice in the Times.

Yes. That's the least we can do.
Was there a woman in the case,
do you think?

- Politics?
- No.

A thief, then.
All right, that's your affair.
I won't meddle.

It seems a bit sad, though,
a chap's life ending like that.

You'll see to it, won't you,
that he's put under with full military honors?

- Of course, sir.
- That will be all, sir?

Yes, that's all.
Good-bye, Colonel.
I suppose this business of Bradshaw's article
is all over Jamestown.

- That and Carson's death.
- Yes, sir.

- What's your opinion, Denis?
- About what, sir?

Having the wrong
sort of grandmother.

Well, um, it's difficult to
pick one's ancestors, sir.

Yes. It is, isn't it?
Send a girl in, will you?
I want to dictate a note to Whitehall.

Right, sir.
The governor has some dictation.
Would you go in to him?

I finished the letter to London.
Is it all right?

[Door Closes]
I've never known
anyone like you.

I never suspected
there could be anything like this.

You're not wearing it.
Well, should I?
Here, in the office?

Wear it.