Island in the Sun

I suppose this business of Bradshaw's article
is all over Jamestown.

- That and Carson's death.
- Yes, sir.

- What's your opinion, Denis?
- About what, sir?

Having the wrong
sort of grandmother.

Well, um, it's difficult to
pick one's ancestors, sir.

Yes. It is, isn't it?
Send a girl in, will you?
I want to dictate a note to Whitehall.

Right, sir.
The governor has some dictation.
Would you go in to him?

I finished the letter to London.
Is it all right?

[Door Closes]
I've never known
anyone like you.

I never suspected
there could be anything like this.

You're not wearing it.
Well, should I?
Here, in the office?

Wear it.
Here. Let me.
You didn't look at the letter.
The letter? It's perfect.
## [Bugle]
[Bugle Continues]
Jocelyn, I've got the car.
Would you like to come for a drive?