Island in the Sun

They're worried
about the tourist trade.

Of course, there is that
American newspaper man here.

Well, there's one thing sure. It is a small island.
He can't run far, whoever did it.

Tell Sylvia I had to go into town.
[Horn Honks]
[Goats Bleat]
Get me 621.
Yes? Just hold on a minute.
Oh, never mind.
Good morning, Maxwell.
Anything I can do for you?
I was wondering, Colonel,
if you'd be kind enough...

to chairman a meeting up
in my district next week.

- I'm standing for election.
- Glad to.

- S-Sylvia all right?
- Yes, fine.

Uh, I see the papers say
you've found Carson's wallet.

Yes. Yes, Carson's papers were in it.
- That's how we identified it.
- That was stupid.

- What?
- Leaving the papers. At least, I'd say it was stupid.

Would you? Huh.
I'd say too clever.

I ran into Bradshaw.
He's certain it was a housebreaker.

Was he really?
I wonder why.

Is there any other

A policeman has to keep
his eyes open, you know.

A chap my age
can't afford to miss a bit.

Particularly with the governor all stirred up.
You mean, it might have been made
to look like a thief s handiwork?

My dear fellow,
how would I know?

There are 15 possibilities.
I'm in the dark.

Which is the likeliest?
Never have preconceptions, my boy.
Open mind, that's the thing.

- Huh.
- You mustn't look too disappointed.

The work gets done.
Never fear.