Island in the Sun

to chairman a meeting up
in my district next week.

- I'm standing for election.
- Glad to.

- S-Sylvia all right?
- Yes, fine.

Uh, I see the papers say
you've found Carson's wallet.

Yes. Yes, Carson's papers were in it.
- That's how we identified it.
- That was stupid.

- What?
- Leaving the papers. At least, I'd say it was stupid.

Would you? Huh.
I'd say too clever.

I ran into Bradshaw.
He's certain it was a housebreaker.

Was he really?
I wonder why.

Is there any other

A policeman has to keep
his eyes open, you know.

A chap my age
can't afford to miss a bit.

Particularly with the governor all stirred up.
You mean, it might have been made
to look like a thief s handiwork?

My dear fellow,
how would I know?

There are 15 possibilities.
I'm in the dark.

Which is the likeliest?
Never have preconceptions, my boy.
Open mind, that's the thing.

- Huh.
- You mustn't look too disappointed.

The work gets done.
Never fear.

Let's say I've guessed
who the murderer is.

A guess, mind you.
No more.

Well, it wouldn't do me the slightest
of good, my dear fellow. Not the slightest.

A court wants proof.
So, l- I just wait.

Patience, my boy.
That's the ticket.

Yes, I know that sounds-
sounds dull to you impatient chaps...

but that's police work.
Oh, he'll probably play into my hands,
whoever the fellow is.

I'm in no hurry.
You know, l- I said something
like that to a bloke once.

I can't remember who.
Oh, middle age, my boy,
no memory at all.

Oh, yes. Yes, in B.G.
That's where it was. Yes.
Yes, forgery.

What put me on to my man
was a- a slip he made.

Tiny one. Hardly noticed it.
Chap said "afterward" instead of "after."
Get the point?
Absolutely the key.

No. No, probably not.
I suppose I didn't explain it properly.
"Afterward." That's what gave me the clue.