Island in the Sun

Do you still feel that anyone whose skin
is different from yours is an enemy?

- Do you think I do?
- I don't know.

At carnival time,
my brother-in-law's car was damaged...

his telephone wires cut.
You hate Maxwell, don't you?
You think of him as an enemy.
I think of him as a snob,
as an arrogant plantation owner.

Is that the reason
why you almost didn't get here?

Or did they tell you
that you shouldn't be seen with me?

That I'm an upstart, a nobody
who's gotten control of the union.

That I'm a dangerous man
who should be watched carefully.

You don't suppose I'd listen to them?
I only believe in what I see and what I know.

Do you know what
they say about me?

Poor Mavis Norman,
always getting into trouble.

Always picking the wrong man.
- Do you think of me as an enemy?
- No.

What are you thinking?
That you feel you're lost,
but you're not.

Because you're looking
for something real.

And as long as you're looking
for something real, you're not lost.

I suppose you and your father discussed
that article of Bradshaw's?

- Of course.
- What did he say?

Well, he said we ought to announce
our engagement at once...

and then have
a celebration party.

- When did he say that?
- Last night. When he got back from Guiana.