Island in the Sun

- Do you think of me as an enemy?
- No.

What are you thinking?
That you feel you're lost,
but you're not.

Because you're looking
for something real.

And as long as you're looking
for something real, you're not lost.

I suppose you and your father discussed
that article of Bradshaw's?

- Of course.
- What did he say?

Well, he said we ought to announce
our engagement at once...

and then have
a celebration party.

- When did he say that?
- Last night. When he got back from Guiana.

And what did he say
about our getting married?

"First things first," he said.
"We can talk later about what people
in Victorian homes might call 'naming the day."'

How neat.
- What?
- Your father's no fool.

I thought it was
very decent of him.

What else could he say?
It wouldn't be diplomatic, would it...
for the governor to offend
the whole colored population of Santa Marta?

Engaged. And then no one can say
that G.H. Draws a color line.

- Of course, marriage-
- I bel- My father's never lied to me.

Do you think he'd run
the risk of having a grandson...

an eventual heir,
who's part Negro?

He'll see to it that you go back to England.

Not without you.
It doesn't matter.
The marriage isn't important anyway.

Oh, now, Jocelyn,
we've got to get this clear.

- Bradshaw's article won't mean anything as far-
- It's clear.