Island in the Sun

It's almost 8:00.
I think we should go.
We're going to be very happy in London,
you know, forever and ever.

Of course.
Forever and ever.

- [Chattering]
- [Seagulls Calling]

- Have you any Rock Hinde?
- Yes, we have.

I'll take your Rock Hinde.
- Yes.
- Give me some Rock Hinde.

Give me some Rock Hinde!
Give me some Rock Hinde!

- Fish for dinner?
- Rock Hinde. You get it cheap here.

- Oh. I must tell my wife.
- Send it up to my house.

That election meeting
of yours is all set, I hear.

Yes. You're coming out there, aren't you?
I'm counting on it.

Anything new about Carson?
I mean, the man who did it?

I've come to the conclusion
it was an accident.

- An accident?
- Yes. Unpremeditated. A quarrel.
That's what it was.

Last thing the poor devil wanted,
Carson dead.

If only he'd come to the police station
right away, we might have smoothed it out.

What a fool he was.
A fool?
Absolutely. You see, the chap who did it,
I'm- I'm sorry for him.

He's not strong enough
to bear the burden of his guilt.

Ever read a book called
Crime and Punishment?

- No. Why?
- Well, you should. It's about just this sort of thing.

A man who has
committed a crime...

and his relationship with a detective
who knows he's committed it...

but still can't prove it.