Island in the Sun

- Fish for dinner?
- Rock Hinde. You get it cheap here.

- Oh. I must tell my wife.
- Send it up to my house.

That election meeting
of yours is all set, I hear.

Yes. You're coming out there, aren't you?
I'm counting on it.

Anything new about Carson?
I mean, the man who did it?

I've come to the conclusion
it was an accident.

- An accident?
- Yes. Unpremeditated. A quarrel.
That's what it was.

Last thing the poor devil wanted,
Carson dead.

If only he'd come to the police station
right away, we might have smoothed it out.

What a fool he was.
A fool?
Absolutely. You see, the chap who did it,
I'm- I'm sorry for him.

He's not strong enough
to bear the burden of his guilt.

Ever read a book called
Crime and Punishment?

- No. Why?
- Well, you should. It's about just this sort of thing.

A man who has
committed a crime...

and his relationship with a detective
who knows he's committed it...

but still can't prove it.
There's a-They have a-
have a secret together.

There's a-There's
a deep bond between them.

It's rather like a love affair...
because the detective is the only man
in the world who understands him.

And in his heart, the murderer wants
to be found out by the detective.

Now, this fellow
in the Carson case, you know...

what I'd like to do
is to go up to him...

take him by the arm
and tell him not to worry.

"I'll do my best for you,"
I want to say to him.

"I'm not out to punish you.
I'm not out to punish anyone.

"It's just that I've got to maintain law and order.
But I mean you no harm.

"We'll-We'll get it fixed
as manslaughter.

"That might mean
only five years...

"and the sentence could
be remitted for good behavior.

"It might be only three years.
"I know that sounds
a long time now, but...

"three years passes very quickly.
"Now, you look back three years.
Does it seem a long time?

"No, of course it doesn't.
"And, after all, three years
isn't such a big price to pay...