Island in the Sun

It was intended to be some sort
of token of his services to Santa Marta.

He said don't mention it to anybody,
particularly Maxwell.

It was intended as a surprise.
That's all. That's all it was.
Of course.
What did you imagine it was?

It's time to start.
May I have
your attention, please?

- [Boat Whistles In Distance]
- [Chattering Quiets]

I'm here tonight as chairman of a meeting
at which Mr. Maxwell Fleury...

who is offering himself as your representative
in the Legislative Council...

will explain his position to you.
Now, you all know Mr. Fleury.
Few West Indian families
bear a name as respected as his.

- Mr. Fleury.
- [Applause]

- The elections for which I stand before you-
- [Calypso]

- ## [Continues]
- [Cheering]

The election for which l-

[Indistinct Under Music]
- [Cheering]
- ## [Continues]

[Maxwell Continues, Indistinct]
[Cheering Continues]
Quiet! Quiet! Stop this!
You've all been given
a chance to vote.

When the time comes,
you'll use it.

And now, let him
use his right to speak.

The floor is yours, Mr. Fleury.