Island in the Sun

- The elections for which I stand before you-
- [Calypso]

- ## [Continues]
- [Cheering]

The election for which l-

[Indistinct Under Music]
- [Cheering]
- ## [Continues]

[Maxwell Continues, Indistinct]
[Cheering Continues]
Quiet! Quiet! Stop this!
You've all been given
a chance to vote.

When the time comes,
you'll use it.

And now, let him
use his right to speak.

The floor is yours, Mr. Fleury.
I will not speak to you
from this paper.

This paper is filled with words
that come from my head.

L- I will try to speak to you with words
that come from my heart.

Many of you
out there know me.

You've cut my sugar cane
and harvested my coffee crop.

And, yet, I have not known you.
And in this, I've failed,
as I have failed in... other things.

To deny this would be
to deny truth, and...

I will speak
to you tonight only truth.

I have passed you in the fields
or in the cocoa sheds...

and you've been just a name,
or a face, or a number in a book.