Island in the Sun

Think of Euan.
Think of the jokes there'd be made about it.

You might have thought of that
two months ago.

I didn't know then about
my Jamaican grandmother.

- Is that the only reason why
you're refusing to marry him?
- It is.

If you had the chance,
if things were different-

- No. They're not different.
- I know. I know. But supposing they were?

Would you give anything
to marry him?

Very well.
I owe you this.
You need have no qualms
about marrying Euan.

There isn't a drop of African blood
in your veins. My husband isn't your father.

- Isn't?
- No.

Well, then who?
That's immaterial.
It's better you shouldn't know.

He's completely English.
You can rest assured of that.

I shall tell Lord Templeton who he is.
He has a right to know who will be
the other grandfather of his grandchildren.

Telling him will be the hardest thing
I've ever had to do.

But it must be done.
He may have
your old-fashioned ideas.

I must ask you for the same
consideration you asked me.

I'd rather your father-
I'd rather my husband didn't know.
You were always so devoted.
I never conceived the possibility
of another man in your life.

Children don't.
They think mistakes are their privilege.