Island in the Sun

I don't want you to
talk to Lord Templeton.

I don't want you
to tell him anything.

But he should know.
I'll tell Euan... eventually.
But I won't have you
humiliate yourself for my sake.

Or for Euan's...
or even for Lord Templeton's.
Shall I put the car away, darling?
No, I'll put it away later.
Are you hungry?
Not very.
There's some cold lobster in the refrigerator
and a bottle of champagne.

We could have it upstairs.
Wouldn't you like that?

I suppose.
Do you know what
I was thinking on the way home?

That I've never seen snow.

Imagine being my age
and never seeing snow.

Oh, it would be so wonderful
to go to someplace after Santa Marta...

where they have real blizzards,
real winters.

When did Whittingham
send this over?

The other day.
I forgot to mention it to you.

Have you read it?
The murderer confesses,
I suppose.

Is he married?
The man in the book who does the murder?

- No, he's not married.
- Pity.

I might have been
tempted to read it if he were.

He wouldn't want to
hurt his wife.

He wouldn't want her ever to know about it
and suffer on account of it.

The detective knows, doesn't he?
I mean, in the book.
And the fellow who did it is in a trap.

And it's closing in,
getting tighter every day.