Island in the Sun

Not a chance of
ever getting out of it.

What about that champagne
you promised me?

Were you jealous
of Hilary Carson?

Yes. I envied him because
he was the kind of man...

I thought that I wanted
to be and I couldn't.

I thought you were
attracted to him.

Hilary Carson?
I loved you.
I thought you didn't love me.

I thought that
sooner or later...

you'd fall in love with some man
who was better suited to you.

I thought Carson was
that kind of a man.

- Maxwell.
- Yes.

You didn't have
anything to do with the-

Don't be foolish.
You know that
I'm incapable of killing a man.

I'm going upstairs.
I'll bring the champagne up.
- [Creaking]
- Darling?

L-I'll be out in a moment.
I wonder when Jocelyn's
getting married.