Island in the Sun

I'm going upstairs.
I'll bring the champagne up.
- [Creaking]
- Darling?

L-I'll be out in a moment.
I wonder when Jocelyn's
getting married.

Funny, a few weeks ago,
I'd have been envious of her.

I mean, London, a big house,
and being Lady Templeton.

Now it doesn't matter so much.
Do hurry, darling.
I saw a film the other day
about a little town in New England.

New England. That's where I'd like to live.

The characters in the film
lived in a little house...

and it had a wonderful kitchen
with all sorts of gadgets.

With a kitchen like that,
you don't need servants.

That's how I'd like to live.
Not in some big old house
built hundreds of years ago...

and getting dressed
for a lonely dinner.

You see? That's the sort
of woman you married.