Island in the Sun

- [Gun Clatters]
- Maxwell.!

Darling, will you call
Colonel Whittingham...

and tell him that I'm coming down
to see him right away?

- [Gramophone...Big Band]
- [Rain Falling]

I like this.
I've resigned.
The governor found out about us.

Oh? Well, what did he say?
He left the decision to me.
Oh, he talked about the book too.
He was disturbed about that also.
But this is the best thing
you've ever done.

Even if it's true, he said, it isn't fair
to those who've had to stay on the island.

Fair? It's true!
It's so true and
so good that it hurts.

When are you leaving?
- What about you?
- You needn't worry.

I'll be broke.
There's nothing much I've saved here.

And the book's a long way
from being done.

We've never looked ahead. We-
We never discussed anything...

but just lived from day to day.
Is there something
you want to discuss?

Yes, there is.
Life without you.

Writing things you won't
be the first to read.

Feeling things we can't share.
How long would it
take you to pack?

But l-
Mmm, two hours.
I don't have very much either.

There's a plane leaves
for England on Friday.

I'll send a car for you.