Island in the Sun

When are you leaving?
- What about you?
- You needn't worry.

I'll be broke.
There's nothing much I've saved here.

And the book's a long way
from being done.

We've never looked ahead. We-
We never discussed anything...

but just lived from day to day.
Is there something
you want to discuss?

Yes, there is.
Life without you.

Writing things you won't
be the first to read.

Feeling things we can't share.
How long would it
take you to pack?

But l-
Mmm, two hours.
I don't have very much either.

There's a plane leaves
for England on Friday.

I'll send a car for you.
All right.
You don't seem very surprised-
at our going to England together.

Where you go, I go.
[Plane Engine Roaring]
[Man On P.A.]
May I have your attention, please?

This is the final call...
for B. W.I. A Viscount
Flight 072 to New York...

connecting with B.O.A.C.
Monarch to London now loading.

Do you mind if I don't
wait until the plane goes?

Sylvia's alone.
Well, sir. There they go.
Poor Julian.
Who'd have thought a son of his?

What will the indictment be
against Maxwell, Colonel?

Well, we'll try and get it in
as manslaughter, sir.