Island in the Sun

All right.
You don't seem very surprised-
at our going to England together.

Where you go, I go.
[Plane Engine Roaring]
[Man On P.A.]
May I have your attention, please?

This is the final call...
for B. W.I. A Viscount
Flight 072 to New York...

connecting with B.O.A.C.
Monarch to London now loading.

Do you mind if I don't
wait until the plane goes?

Sylvia's alone.
Well, sir. There they go.
Poor Julian.
Who'd have thought a son of his?

What will the indictment be
against Maxwell, Colonel?

Well, we'll try and get it in
as manslaughter, sir.

I meant to have a talk
with Euan when he arrived- father to son.

But I never did.
Now he's married.

Good-bye, sir.
[Plane Engine Hums]
There's the plane for England.
In the girl's case-
Does it work the other way around?

I mean, Denis Archer marries Margot.
Euan marries Jocelyn.

But, when it's the other way around,
does it make any difference?