La Grande strada azzurra

It's always his fault!
He's ruined my life! Look at it!

Stop it, Diana!
No, that's it! First Domenico,
and now Renato.

I can't go out with him.
He forbids it!

And why not?
What has he done wrong?

Nothing! He just said
that he loves me.

He only wants to marry me.
Come on, Diana.
It'll all work out.

No! It's not fair. Tonight,
he was going to take me dancing.

For a month, he's been promising.
Everybody's going and I--

- Where to?
- To the Co-op party.

Get yourself ready. I'll take you.
Move it! Get dressed!

- But... Papa?
- Hurry up!

I told you,
I'll take care of it!

- No, Diana. Papa said no!
- Papa's wrong!

Let's drink to the Co-op!
Cheers! Good health!
Listen up! Tomorrow morning,
4:00 a.m., we set sail all together!

You're drunk, Tommaso.
You've already told us four times.

Right! Let them dance
so they'll fish better tomorrow.

Come down!
As I said, we'll take
the wholesalers' best offer

and then we'll see if we should
go direct to the market.

even Natale did this.