Love in the Afternoon

I want to speak to the Hotel Ritz.

Please hurry, this is an emergency.
Hello, Ritz?
I want to speak to Mr. Flannagan.
Mr. Frank Flannagan.

Sorry, but he left express orders
not to be disturbed.

-But, l--
-Sorry, Madame, absolutely not.

Monsieur Flannagan
has retired for the night.

You'd better put this call through...
...or Mr. Flannagan will retire permanently.
Hello? Hello!
What time is it now?
9:20. I must say,
you're acting very strange tonight.

How would you act
if you knew somebody was being shot?

I don't know. I would call the police.
Who is being shot?

Do you have another coin?
Ariane, I have a right to know
what's going on.

Not just because I tell you the time,
or pay for your telephone calls...

...but because you know
how I feel about you.

Police? I want the Commissaire de Police.
Ariane, who's being shot?
Where? By whom?

What's it got to do with you?
Commissaire de Police?
I wish to report a crime.

You wish to report a crime?
Yes, Madame, what is the crime?

There's a man and a woman
in the Hotel Ritz, Suite 14.

"Man and woman, Suite 14, Hotel Ritz."
What is the crime?

You don't understand.
The woman is married.

I understand. "Hotel Ritz, Suite 14,
man and woman, woman is married."

What is the crime?
She has a husband,
and he has a gun, a great big gun!

Now we are getting somewhere.
He has no permit?

No. That's not the point!
At 10:00 he's going to break into the room
and shoot!

Please, Madame, do not excite yourself.
It is not 10:00 yet.

Now, at 10:00, if he does break
into the room, and he does shoot...

...and he does not miss,
then you call us again.

That'll be too late! You've got to stop him.
You must send somebody
up there immediately.

Madame, there are 7,000 hotels in Paris,
220,000 hotel rooms...