Sjunde inseglet, Det

Were they frightened?
No, they only laughed.
Doesn't he smell nice?
And he's so big. Aren't you?
He's got a real acrobat's body.
This is my husband, Joseph.
Good evening.
l was just saying
what a fine son you have.

Yes, he's fine.
- Have we nothing to offer our guest?
- Thank you, nothing for me.

Wild strawberries
and fresh milk.

We shall be honored if you will share
our humble meal.

Sit down and l'll get it.
Here you are.
- Where are you making for now?
- To Elsinore.

- l advise you not to go that way.
- Why?

The plague is worse in the south.
Thousands are dying.
lt never rains but it pours.
Come with me through the forest.
You'll be safer at my castle.
The strawberries
are from the hillside.

l've never seen ones so big.
Smell them.

l wish you appetite, sir.
My humble thanks.
l must think over your proposal.
lt would be nice to have company.
The forest is full of evil spirits
and robbers.

Yes, but l must think it over.
l'm responsible for the troupe now.