A Night to Remember

Open all gangway doors.
Hook a block and line rope
in every gangway door.

Canvas slings.
Get those ready for the injured.

Oh, and see that
all your side ladders are down.

-Have you got that?
-Aye, aye, sir.

Telephone the doctor
and Chief Steward.

Ask them to come and see me
on the Bridge now.

No, no, she can't get on,
she'll swamp it!

You must let her on!
lt' Mummy!

You must come on!
Let her on!

lt's all right, lady.
You can have my place.

-Thank you very much.
-Joe, you take the helm.

-Right, darling.

Stand by to lower.
What's the matter?
Aren't you in charge of this boat?

Oh, l'm no seaman, sir.
Joe can manage just as well.

Ladies first, eh, sir?
Lower away together.
Come along, you men.

-Hold it!
-What the.

Will you kindly not interfere,

We've got to get these boats away.
We're getting them away.
Do you want me to drown everybody?

Because that's what would happen
if l lower these boats too quickly.

Now stand back, please.
Carry on lowering.
Hey! There'll be trouble about that
when we get to New York.