- He'll be here soon.
- He wants his usual accommodations?

- Just like always.
- Tell him everything will be ready.

Tucker, Hamblin.
Mr. Reece is in town.
He'll want the south wing
of the 2nd floor.

- We already have people in that wing.
- They'll have to be moved.

Tucker, the kitchen and liquor pantry
will need extra waiters.

We'll put Mr. Reece in 200A as usual.
Mr. Fowler,
the Vidals are in that suite.

You're well acquainted with
Miss Vidal. Move them elsewhere.

You just don't move
people like the Vidals.

Bring Mr. Reece's trunks up.
Everything is to be pressed,
evening clothes first.

You know I cannot see you here.
My aunt is inside,
and my father is due.

I know, I have to speak
to your father.

- My father?
- Yes.

It's a hotel situation.
Something about the rooms.

May I wait inside? Please?
Yes, of course.
Last night, I thought it was
the moonlight. I was wrong.