You know I cannot see you here.
My aunt is inside,
and my father is due.

I know, I have to speak
to your father.

- My father?
- Yes.

It's a hotel situation.
Something about the rooms.

May I wait inside? Please?
Yes, of course.
Last night, I thought it was
the moonlight. I was wrong.

- About what?
- You're just as pretty in here.

- Frank, please!
- You said she doesn't speak English.

She can see the expression in your
eyes. Anybody can understand that.

Did you understand the poem I sent?
Poem? What poem?
- Father, this is...
- Yes, I know Mr. Harris.

There's been a mistake.
It seems these rooms were reserved.

However, I have another suite of rooms
that is much larger.

- There's a breeze...
- We're comfortable here.

Yes, sir. But I'm only acting
on orders from the manager.

- Isn't there anything I can do...?
- Yes, there is.

You can tell me if you wrote...
...this poetry to my daughter.