Ivan Groznyy II: Boyarsky zagovor

whilst the boyars governed
in my name and

handed over Russian territory
to foreign enslavement

Ivan Vasilievich, Grand Duke
of Moscow

has graciously ratified
a commercial treaty

and agrees to pay duties for the
transit of goods via the Baltic

to the great Hanseatic League
of the German merchant towns

The Grand Duke of Moscow
has reconsidered his decision

He has concluded the treaty with
the Order of Livonian Knights

Someone has certainly been
lining Shuisky's pockets

The Hansa!
It was the Boyar Council's

The Grand Duke is free to annul
the council's decisions

But he has pledged his word
The Grand Duke is the sole
arbiter of his word

He gives it or rescinds it
as he pleases

It is the Grand Duke's will
which constitutes the law

But the will of the Grand Duke