Ivan Groznyy II: Boyarsky zagovor

is to conclude a treaty
with the Hansa

The Grand Duke's will
is to concede the privileges

to the Livonian Order
The Grand Duke's will is law!
We must pay the Hansa!
No, we'll pay the Livonians!
The Hansa will be more
profitable to the State!

You mean more profitable
to yourself!

And you have been bribed
by the Livonians!

The money must go to the Hansa!
We'll pay the Livonians
We will pay no one!
We're not obliged to pay
The coastal towns were built
by our ancestors

Those lands are our inheritance:
they must be returned to Moscow

Who would be fool enough
to give them back?

Anything that falls off the back
of a wagon is lost

If they won't return them

we shall take them back by force
By force?
And where will we find
this force?

You have wasted
Russia's strength

it has been frittered away
by the boyars

O Lord! I'll die laughing