Run Silent Run Deep

Mr Cartwright, with all due respect
to your rank...

...may I say that I think you're an ass?
I see by this report that
you called Mr Cartwright an ass.

- Yes, sir.
- An officer?

That's right, sir.
- Mueller, you're a damn fool.
- Yes, sir, I know.

But as long as I overheard,
you might as well know, too.

They wanted Mr Bledsoe to take over.
- He put an end to that fast.
- He would.

- Would you tell me something?
- If I can, sir.

- Am I a damn fool, too?
- Sir?

Mr Bledsoe seems to think I am,
and I have a great respect for his opinion.

Maybe you have to be, Captain,
to do something like this.

You nailed that Momo with a bow shot.
Why not the Akikaze?

The Akikaze never misses, Mueller. Never.
Well, he will this time, sir.
Is that a classified opinion
or am I at liberty to repeat it?

It's a fact, sir.
A fact they'll all realise
at Bungo Pete's funeral!

(radar bleeps)