Soliti ignoti, I

Wait a minute, wait. Easy.
What's the matter?
Don't you trust me?

What is it you want?
I'm... I'm... in charge of the deal...
Cosimo told me.
What are you doing with that
bottle? Put it down!

What do you mean,
Cosimo told you?

Sure he did. The sting,
we'll tackle it together.

I... I was coming to see you.
No need for... watch it...

You're a sly one, aren't you?
Fine, fine. Forget it and let's get
down to... Cut it out.

That's the baby's biscuits.
You're all so suspicious
I shouldn't tell you a thing.

Fine. Prick up your ears.
To pull this one off

we've gotta prepare
everything beforehand,

calculate everything scientifically.
Do you remember
Via delle Madonne?

Well, there's a pawnshop there.
Know it?

Sure I do!
They even got my sheets there.

We're not talking about sheets now.
We're talking jewelry.

You're not thinking of breaking in,
then and there,

in the middle of the street?
Of course not! We'll get there
through a vacant apartment.

There - those are the windows.

And that's the door.
No. No lock picking,
we'd be exposed for too long.

There's a safer way.
Follow me.

Over there, on the right,
see the coal bin?

We'll go in through there.
And where do we come out?
I'll explain later. Capannelle,
pretend to tie your shoelaces

and check out that padlock.
My shoes don't have laces.
Fine. Ferribotte, please.
8 mm pliers will do.
There. From the coal bin
we come out there...

go down...