Soliti ignoti, I

No, in that case I'll do without it.
Of all the brats that pass
through here,

why am I the only one
you put up with?

Don't worry,
I'll put the money back.

I have some friends,
and if all goes well

I'll take all three of you
away from here.

Every safe is a thing unto itself.
Some have crossed bars,
some are triangular,
and others circular.

All of them, however,
are made so that the lock

doesn't have
any openings around it.

Hey, what are you doing? Eating?
Just pay a little attention, right?
You can eat during recess.

Now, one way to opening them
is by using dynamite.

The system preferred by the
famous "fù" Cimin.

Who is he? A Chinese guy?

What Chinese? He was Venetian.
Fó means... 'the late',
Cimin is his surname, see?

The poor guy got blown up
with the safe.

Therefore, I'm ruling out
this method outright, O.K.?

- So let's carry on. As I was saying...
- Dante Cruciani? Checking on you.

Oh poor me, the cops, the cops...
Here I am, sergeant.
Rascals! Scoundrels!
If I catch one of them
I'll beat him black and blue!

They almost gave me a heart attack.

I thought it was unlikely.
He did stop by yesterday.

Right, listen here... Most safes
have three or four locks.

Only one matters, though.
And now do we know
which one it is?

How do you know, eh? Drill
a little hole and insert a pipe!