Anatomy of a Murder

Did you look for the panties elsewhere
other than the lane in the woods?

We looked in Barney Quill's car,
his room in the hotel.

We didn't find them.
Do you know why Mrs. Manion
requested a lie detector test?

- I know what she said.
- What?

She wanted everyone to believe her story
because she knew it'd help her husband.

Was that the only reason she gave?
Said she swore to her husband. Said she
wanted everyone else to believe it too.

One moment, please.
Ask him in what manner she swore.
Did Mrs. Manion say how
she had sworn to her husband?

Yes, sir. She said
she had sworn on a rosary.

This lane in the woods,
what's it used for, where does it go?

It used to be a logging road.
It doesn't go anyplace,just stops.

Who uses it now?
I think it's a road
kids drive down to park.

- You mean it's a lovers' lane?
- I think so.

- The witness is yours.
- No more questions.

- The witness may step down.
- In view of evidence concerning rape...

which Your Honor
has ruled admissible...

the prosecution asks for
a 30-minute recess...

in order to bring in another witness
we had not anticipated using?

All right.
We'll take a 30-minute recess.

Why didn't you tell me
about that rosary?

I forgot it.
We didn't forget it. Manny said maybe
we shouldn't tell that again.

It might have looked like something
else-- like I didn't believe her.

- How much more didn't you tell me?
- We told you everything else.

Is that right, Laura?
Oh, yes, everything else.
Now get this, both of you.
When you get up on that stand,
I want you to tell the truth.

I don't want you to tell anything
but the truth.

Don't try and lie or conceal anything
or you get skinned alive.

This fellow Dancer's gonna move in.