Anatomy of a Murder

except Barney Quill.
- He was the only person I saw.
- What was he doing?

I think he was just standing there
behind the bar.

Now, did he make a threatening move
to get a gun?

I don't know.
May have. I don't know.

All right. Now, you say
you went there to find him...

to hold him for the police.
Why did you shoot him?
I don't remember shooting him.
Now, when you left the bar,
do you remember Alphonse Paquette...

coming up to you
and stopping you and saying...

""You'd better not run away from this,""
and you replied...

""You want some too, buster?""
Remember that?
I seem to have a vague recollection
of somebody speaking to me...

but I don't remember what I said
or what was said to me.

When did you realize
that you'd shot Quill?

I was getting a drink of water.
I remember my throat was so dry
it hurt.

And when I put the glass down,
I saw the gun on the kitchen sink...

beside the tap.
I noticed the gun was empty.
Now, I'd like you to show
the court and jury...

just how you knew
this gun was empty.

Well, this gadget here...
when it sticks up,
you know the last round's been fired.

On the night of the shooting,
did you love your wife?

- Yes, sir.
- Do you still love her?

Very much.
The witness is yours, Mr. Dancer.
How many men have you killed?
Now, wait a minute!
Your Honor, a man's war record--
in Lt. Manion's case, a great record--

certainly shouldn't be used
against him.

I'm as patriotic as the next man...
but the simple truth is,
war can condition a man...