Ballada o soldate

This is war and we"re all soldiers.
I wouldn"t have asked you
if we weren"t all taking a rest now.
I just need one day,
Comrade General.

I"ll fix the roof
and come right back.

Well, should we let Skvortsov
go home?

Let him fix the roof?
Just make sure you"re back on time!
Well, I... Comrade General...
I"ll do whatever it takes!

Sit down.
You"re pretty lucky, Skvortsov.
Where are you going?
To Georgievsk, the village of Sosnovka.
I could be there by tomorrow.
- No, my friend.

The way things are going nowadays,
a day won"t be enough.

I"ll give you two days to get there
and two to get back.

And two to fix the roof.
Comrade General.
Can I go now?
- Go!

Just make sure you"re back on time.
- Yes, Comrade General!

Fellows, give us a hand!