Ballada o soldate

Comrade General.
Can I go now?
- Go!

Just make sure you"re back on time.
- Yes, Comrade General!

Fellows, give us a hand!
- Take care!
- Thanks, guys!

- Have a good trip!
- Thank you!

Hey, friend! Wait a minute!
Are you going on leave?
- Yes.

- To Georgievsk?
- Yes.

I"m from Uzlovaya.
We"re neighbors!

Stop by at this address.
- I won"t have enough time. I can"t.

You have to change trains
at Uzlovaya anyway.

Chekhov Street.
Not far from the station.

Stop by, friend!
- Okay. What should I say?

Say that you saw me!
Tell Liza that her Sergei is all right,
that you saw him yourself.

Tell his Liza that he dreams
about her day and night.

Sergei, you ought to give her
some sort of present.

What can he give?
Everything he has is army-issue.

Quit talking!
Sergeant, give Sergei a cake of soap!
It"s for his wife!
- His ration is only for one washing.
- Give him a whole cake.