Ballada o soldate

Wanna smoke?
Got a piece of paper for me?
- Here.
- Hey, friend, can you spare one?

Pass one over here.
How thin!
Kill the enemy. Read it
and pass it on to your comrade.

And how"s the tobacco supply
on the front?

On the front? It"s available.
It"s available, hero!
That reminds me of the soldier
who asked a collective farmer
for a glass of water and said,

""Lady, give me something to drink.
I"m so hungry
that I don"t have a place to sleep.""

The story of your life.

A good woman.
I can"t forget her.

Then why forget about her?
After the war, go and marry her.
You fool!
She"s already got a husband.

- Pockmarked like you?
- No, smooth.

Why would she trade
a guy with smooth skin

for someone pockmarked like you?
How should I know?
Maybe he has some other defect!

- Are you accompanying your friend?
- No, I"m by myself.

- Are you on a mission?
- No.