Ballada o soldate

On the front? It"s available.
It"s available, hero!
That reminds me of the soldier
who asked a collective farmer
for a glass of water and said,

""Lady, give me something to drink.
I"m so hungry
that I don"t have a place to sleep.""

The story of your life.

A good woman.
I can"t forget her.

Then why forget about her?
After the war, go and marry her.
You fool!
She"s already got a husband.

- Pockmarked like you?
- No, smooth.

Why would she trade
a guy with smooth skin

for someone pockmarked like you?
How should I know?
Maybe he has some other defect!

- Are you accompanying your friend?
- No, I"m by myself.

- Are you on a mission?
- No.

- Being transferred?
- No again.

- Then what?
- Home. On leave.

Who do you think you"re kidding?
Come on!

I"m telling the truth.
I knocked out two tanks!

You see, even a signalman--
A signalman. Well, that"s about
average for a signalman, of course.

What did you knock them out with?
A telephone receiver.
It was double-barreled!

You know how it is
with these signalmen?

They walk around,
they see a tank.

First one, then another,
and then into his bag.

I"m serious! When the general
called me to the bunker--

- Soldier, enough already.
- Enough about you talking to the general!

Gimme this.
I"ll prove it to you

What are you doing?
- Look!
- Looks like him!

Direct hit!