Ballada o soldate

Where are you going?
Let me go! Mama!
Let me go, you scoundrel!
Let me go!

What are you doing?
You"re crazy!

You fool!
Leave me alone!
What have I ever done to you?

Don"t come near me!
- Are you insane?

- If you come near me, you"ll find out.
- Don"t even think about it.

Get away from the door.
Get away, I tell you!
- I won"t.

What"s with you?
- What"s with you?
- Why do you keep screaming?

- Don"t come near me.
- Then get away from the door.

I won"t.
I was right. You"re insane.
Well, to hell with you.
Go ahead and jump!
Break your neck!

Why should I?
We"re stopping soon.