Ballada o soldate

- There"s no point in that.
- It"s all your fault.

I threw my things out
because of you.

You would have killed yourself.
It"s none of your business.
Quit pestering me.

Pestering you?
You jumped into the car yourself,
and I"m pestering you?

Then why were you hiding
in the straw?

- You think I was hiding from you?
- Who else?

From the lieutenant!
What lieutenant?
The one in charge of the transport.
He"s a beast.
I snuck on the train, too.

If they catch me,
they"ll make me get off.

I"ll have to wait
for a passenger train, or even fly.

I"m scared of bigger things than you.
I thought you were the lieutenant.

I had a terrible fright
and got slapped in the face,

and it"s all my fault.
I had everything in my bag:
my things, some bread, a skirt.

It"s nothing.
When you go back,
you can find your bag.

- You think so?
- Of course. Where could it go?

It"s probably waiting for you
on a bridge somewhere right now.

This train just keeps
going and going.

We"re pulling in.
When you get off,
go quickly so nobody sees you.