Ballada o soldate

I"m going out for water.
- Heard any news?
- Those rotting swine!

The battle for Novorossiisk
is getting fierce.

We"ll turn you over to the war tribunal
for sneaking on board.

Follow me.
Follow me, I tell you.
- I won"t.

Hey, stop that.
Ah, here"s her lovey-dove now.
What"s going on here?

We had an agreement,
and you"re sneaking civilians aboard?

What difference does it make
if it"s two people instead of one?

A big difference.
Come on, citizen.

She"s not going anywhere, got it?
Get out of here.

Who are you to give orders?
You"ve got it made: hay, a girl--
What? Shut up.
You think I didn"t see?
I saw everything.

- What did you see?
- The two of you, tumbling in the hay.

Attacking a guard while on duty.
You know what will happen?
- You miserable shit!
- From your point of view.

A miserable shit from your point of view.
From mine, I"m priceless.

Get the hell off this train,
both of you.

If you don"t,
I have every right to shoot.

So, shoot. We"re not scared.
You still haven"t seen the lieutenant.
That"s why you"re so brave.