Ballada o soldate

Enough. We"re both a little
hot under the collar.

Let"s talk it out.
- I have nothing to say to you.

Get out of here, and take your--
I"ll give two warning shots
and then--

You"ve really made yourself
at home here.

What if I give you
another can of meat?

How about two?
It will take much more than that
to make up for the insult.

You want me to apologize to you?
Fine. Give me the canned meat.
What"s going on here?
Comrade Lieutenant,
they snuck into the car.

I"m taking appropriate measures.
Who are they?
Private Skvortsov. On leave.
Where are you headed?
To Georgievsk, Comrade Lieutenant.
Here are my papers.

I have only two days,
and I"m already late.

You"re a hero.
And the girl? Is she with you?
- Yes.
- No.

She lost all of her,
bread... so I had to...

- All right, all right.
- No, really! We--

-Just be careful with fire.
- Okay.

What"s that?
Well, Comrade Lieutenant,
it"s sort of canned meat.

Who did you take it from? From them?
Give it back immediately.

But they gave it to me voluntarily.
Two days under arrest!

- For what?
- Five days?

- But I--
- Repeat the order!

- Five days...
- How disgraceful.