Ballada o soldate

I told you: He"s a beast.
Now we don"t have to be afraid
of any beast.

Alyosha, it"s so pleasant
when you think badly of someone,

only to discover that he"s good.
Yes, that lieutenant is a good man.
Do you believe in friendship?
Of course I do. On the front,
you"d be lost without it.

No, I know that.
I mean between a boy and a girl.

Some girls are even better
than boys.

I think so, too.
But there are some who believe
that they can only be in love.

I used to be friends with a girl.
We were friends
and didn"t think at all about love.

- Maybe you were in love and didn"t notice.
- With her? No.

- Maybe she was in love with you.
- She was just a little girl.

Our neighbor Zoika.
No, love is something different.
Alyosha, would you like
to have a friend?

A true friend,
to have your whole life?

Me, too! Why do you think I"m traveling?
Do you think--