Imitation of Life

Oh, I'm awfully sorry.
No harm done.

I'm looking for my daughter.
Have you seen a little girl
all by herself?

No, but if you'll...
She's lost and l...

Relax, lady.
Take it easy.

The easiest way
to find Susie
is to go to the police.

Well, where are the police?
Right there.
Right where?
Right down there
under the pier.

You're it!
Come, children.
You hear me, Sarah Jane?
Hot dogs!

Oh, boy!
Come on! Boy!
Hot dogs!

It might be the noise of
that old ocean, but it seems
to me I didn't hear thank you.

I was too hungry.
Thank you!
Thank you!

Honey, you gonna be all right.
I reported you.

Come on, Sarah Jane!
No, you're gonna stay
right here.

Else how
your mama gonna find you?

Susie! Oh, Susie!
Oh, my baby! Oh,
I thought you were lost.

Thank you, Officer.
Thank you very much.

And thank you for being
so kind, Mrs....

I'm Lora Meredith.
I've never been
so frightened in my life.

One moment I had her,
and the next moment
she was gone.

Thank Mrs. Johnson
for being so nice.
Thank you!

And say good-bye
to the little girl.
Good-bye? Now?

But, darling, we have
to go back to the city.
But we wanna play!

Please, Mommy,

Oh, all right.
But only for a little while.

Come on, Sarah Jane!
You're it!
You're it!

You're it!
You're it!

Susie doesn't have many
children to play with
where we live.

I guess Sarah Jane's
kind of lonesome too.

They got along fine
right off.

Sarah Jane's a lovely child.
How long have you
taken care of her?

All her life.
Oh, I wish I had someone
to look after Susie.

A maid to live in?
Someone to take care
of your little girl?

A strong, healthy,
settled-down woman...

who eats like a bird
and doesn't care
if she gets no time off...