Imitation of Life

And thank you for being
so kind, Mrs....

I'm Lora Meredith.
I've never been
so frightened in my life.

One moment I had her,
and the next moment
she was gone.

Thank Mrs. Johnson
for being so nice.
Thank you!

And say good-bye
to the little girl.
Good-bye? Now?

But, darling, we have
to go back to the city.
But we wanna play!

Please, Mommy,

Oh, all right.
But only for a little while.

Come on, Sarah Jane!
You're it!
You're it!

You're it!
You're it!

Susie doesn't have many
children to play with
where we live.

I guess Sarah Jane's
kind of lonesome too.

They got along fine
right off.

Sarah Jane's a lovely child.
How long have you
taken care of her?

All her life.
Oh, I wish I had someone
to look after Susie.

A maid to live in?
Someone to take care
of your little girl?

A strong, healthy,
settled-down woman...

who eats like a bird
and doesn't care
if she gets no time off...

and will work real cheap?
Well, yes, if one exists.
Oh, someday.

Why not today?
I'm available.

Me. Annie Johnson.

You mean you'd
consider leaving that
lovely little girl?

Oh, I wouldn't be leaving her.
My baby goes where I go.

Sarah Jane
is your child?

Yes, ma'am.
It surprises most people.

Sarah Jane favors her daddy.
He was practically white.

He left before she was born.
Seems to me, Miss Meredith,
I'm just right for you.

You wouldn't have to pay
no wages. Just let me come
and do for you.

I couldn't do that.
I'd have to pay you,
and I... can't now.

I ought to knock
your blocks off.

I'll take care of it,
mister. I'll wham
the hides off both of them.