Imitation of Life

Susie! What are
you doing?
About time you showed up!

If your husband can't keep
these brats in line...

No use talking to her.
She not only spoils them,
she goes around losing them.

I don't know what
this is all about.

Mommy, look at his stomach.
It went up and down.
It was so funny.

He took our picture.
Will you send me one?

Me too.
Sure. Where?

Send it to Susan Meredith,
450 Prescott Place,
Apartment 32.

Never mind, dear.
See? I remembered.

Thank you.
And send her one too.
Where do you live, Sarah Jane?

Where do I live...
No place.

We'll find a place
come night, honey.

Come on, darling, we have
to go. Say good-bye to
Sarah Jane and Mrs. Johnson.

It was very nice
meeting you.

Same here.
And good luck,
Miss Meredith.

Mommy, I'm tired.
I know, baby.

I know.
I wanna go home too!

Come on, honey.
Thank you.
Mrs. Johnson.

Oh. Oh, come on.
I don't like
to mention it again, but
you must understand that...

this arrangement
can only be for tonight.

Oh, I understand,
Miss Lora.

There must be plenty of jobs
for a woman like you.

But people won't take in
a woman with a child.

And no matter what, I won't
be separated from my baby.

Hurry up, Mother.
I want to show Sarah Jane
my dolls!

Well, all right.
There's a little place
off the kitchen.

But you could, uh,
hardly call it a room.

Oh, it'll do
for Sarah Jane and me.